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Patio Layouts: Beginner’s Guide

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A patio, adjacent to the house area, can be used for very many purposes, starting from a simple dinner party to a luxurious outdoor relaxation spot. Generally a patio is a partially enclosed outdoor area with a concrete floor, however, the floor materials vary significantly. Today we are going to talk about the basic patio layout ideas that can suit any of your purposes.

Guide To Patio Layouts

Patio & Pergola

Beautiful Patio with Pergola


A layout generally depends on the present characteristics of the area. Suppose that all of the outdoor area is dotted with lush green lawn that you wouldn’t like to spoil. You can make the lawn work by making a mosaic landscaping pattern that will accommodate the patio requirements. The layout is dictated by the conditions of the location or scenery of the area. Perhaps you have a spare area near the swimming pool that you don’t want to turn into a deck – it can become a patio instead. So it is important to take into consideration the location of the patio and the pre-existing conditions.

Space Planning

Now it is time to do the so-called space planning, which is an allocation of furnishing object on the territory of the patio. The classy objects to include into the patio are a table for outdoor eating, chairs for comfortable rest and perhaps sun awnings, like outdoor umbrellas and such. Additionally you can add some décor elements or perhaps gardening elements. It is generally a good idea to adorn the patio with container gardens. It is important to incorporate everything you need into the general picture of the patio.

Special Features

It is also important to remember that a patio is not an isolated room: it is a part of the overall landscape of the property and should be decorated accordingly. The patio should provide an access to the garage or a swimming pool if it is located nearby. Additionally there also can be some special features, like the enclosed outdoor area for more private time-spending and perhaps some daybeds if you enjoy napping in the sun.

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