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Luxurious Patio Ideas

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Generally, patio is an enclosed outdoor yard, which is somehow enclosed, either with walls or with green trellis, most often used for recreational activities. But that doesn’t mean that patio should be boring, so if you are looking for ideas to enrich the decor of your patio – here is the right page to stop!

Unique Patio Decor Ideas

Dining Room Patio

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Even though patios are usually used for dining in the fresh air, it doesn’t have to be dull and simple. The sunken seating is gaining its popularity as a perfect place for communication and relaxation. Jamie Durie has taken this concept further and created a sunken outdoor dining room, which has all of the attributes of the outdoors, yet still provides very comfortable place to sit down and chit chat.

European Inspiration Patio

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Traditional Tuscan patio can take you away in time and space! This particular patio was designed by the architect Thom Oppelt, and its design was inspired by the expanded estates of the Tuscan countryside. See, how the patio is heavy on the earth colors, and practically everything is in stone?

Dunes Inspiration Patio

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This patio has intriguing dune contours, which actually remind of the ocean waves as well. It was designed by Jamie Durie, who was inspired by the Australian contemporary design. Notice the wooden deck, which is contrasted against the sandstone waves, out of which the sitting area is made – isn’t it beautiful?

Tree Circular Seating

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If you have a fancy tree, or perhaps it is your favorite – you can make it a focal point, by circling a bench around it! The circular seating is an amazing idea, as it makes the area of observance wider, while giving more seating area with fewer resources.

Pergola Patio

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Well, no one says that these two can never meet. This custom made pergola seems perfect as a roof for the patio. The arched pergola and the hanging garden baskets give a classy look to this outdoor room.

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