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Japanese-Style Wooden Soaking Tubs Make Great Pool/Hot Tub Alternative

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Not everybody can afford to build or maintain a pool. Not everybody even wants one, but to sit in water and breathe fresh outdoor air sounds amazing (and doable) regardless of your budget or free space in your backyard. Soaking Tubs or ofuro were used in Japan for centuries, originally they were made of Hinoki wood.

terrace Ofuro

They’re way higher than a normal bath, so you can sit upright and water will still come somewhere around your chin. Manufacturers offer them in different materials like copper, stainless steel, plastic and naturally different kinds of wood, which is most popular. You can also find some interesting options like heaters to keep water warm while you take a bath and different kinds of drains.

The beauty of ofuro is that you can fit it into any type of outdoor or indoor space. It’s compact but deep and makes for a great water feature in the garden. Built-in round soaking tubs seamlessly fit into terraces. It’s common to build a ladder to climb into them.

Outdoors it may require an awning or canopy, but there are options on the market that come with a cover. If you want to soak in the comfort climate of your home, however, here is a nice option of installing ofuro in a glazed veranda.

Ofuro Soaking Tubs

veranda Ofuro

Ofuro tub

soaking tub

soaking tub terrace

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