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How To Stain Conrete Patio

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Patios are quite fancy on their own, but with time everything changes and gets old, even the concrete base. So, if you have an old concrete patio that needs revitalization, one of the ideas is to color stain the concrete. If you are uncertain how to do it, here is an easy tutorial on staining the concrete patio.

Tips On Staining Concrete Patio

Patio Staining

Patina-Stained Patio by Gregg Schalen

First of all, in order to stain the concrete, you need to make sure that it is not painted or stained, because concrete has a porous structure so once it is stained, it is so to say sealed up. So, for this project you will need:

  • 9″ tear-resistant deck paint pad, paint pan & handle
  • 4″ paintbrush
  • tarp
  • broom and hose
  • concrete stain (water-based)

So, have you decided on the color yet? There are semi-transparent stains, as well as opaque ones. If you are unsure about the intensity of the color make a little test on a small strip of the concrete. It is best of course to familiarize yourself with the instructions before starting the project.

Next step is to prepare the patio concrete for the procedure. Make sure that you remove all of the furniture and planters from the patio and sweep up the floor. If there are other elements that can’t be brushed away, scrape them off. As the last step of preparation, wash the patio and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

Now, once everything is dry, you can start applying the stain. The brush is needed to apply the stain over the edges and other hard to reach spaces. In other cases use the pad. You need to be aware that certain parts of the patio absorb the stain in different ways, so make sure that everything is even by reapplying the stain, once it is completely dry. It is best not to apply the stain in the full sun, as you won’t see the actual color of the stain. Usually it takes about four to six hours for the stain to dry, but just to make sure it is really dry, place the furnishing back the next day. The tutorial is originally made by Erin Valencich.

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