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Healthy Outdoor Sleeping

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Sleeping outdoors has always been a great thing to do. After a long and hard working day, we always want to rest from the routines life, just to let our minds relax from everything that could bother us and thinking of the sleeping this is what comes to my mind, having the feeling of being tired and not having enough sleep. Therefore, where can you get the best and deepest sleep? Outdoors! Outside, in your yard, on the porch, deck, or patio. That is a nice place to spend the night with your dreams. Even a daytime nap can be achieved there at the weekends.

Own Experience

I know this for sure because I do this myself. I do sleep outside. I am lucky where I live. I have a house with a sleeping porch on the front of it, looking out over the lake, free for the most part of bugs, deep, and covered. Every summer I have slept outside there, and this summer, most of the rest of the family has joined me there. Sleeping outside brings us into intimate connection with the world. I can see the stars at the night, hear barred owls calling most nights, and making a huge racket on full moons.

It is almost impossible to find the time in our chaotic and busy life for the relaxation. However, given that we must sleep, sleeping outside or at least next to an open window, helps us get a much-needed dose of nature every day. For us multitasked types, it is the perfect solution, taking in the outdoors while sleeping. The outdoors is a lifeline.

Summers are meant for sleeping outdoors, but the best way to adjust to your secret outdoor life in the dead of winter is to think of your bedroom as a sleeping room only. That way you can shut the door and let the temperature drop while you are being oxygenated without cooling off the rest of your house. A designated sleeping porch or loft is ideal. Pile on the bedding and get yourself as close to your window as you can. Let the snow, the wind and the rain spray you with nature’s sweepstakes. Tonight, gather up your dreams and head out – to the wilds of your own backyard and beyond, where the vast expanse of the universe awaits you.

Outdoor Sleeping Space

All it takes is a few square feet, some furnishings, and accessories to make a sweet and scenic space for enjoying the sleep.

The best outdoor rooms mimic what we love about indoor spaces, they include comfortable seating and practical and pretty accessories, but they have the added benefit of being situated out in the sun and surrounded by foliage. What could be better?

Relaxing Porch Swing

Porch Swing

Porch Swing

There is nothing quite like sitting, or sleeping on a porch swing during the warm summer months. This relaxing porch addition is quick and easy to hang. When installing the porch swing, attach it to something structural, especially when dealing with older homes. Do not forget cozy cushions and pillows to add a stylish finish and a comfortable spot to relax.

Swing in the Breeze

Breeze Sleep

Breeze Sleep

During the hottest months of the year, let the summer breeze pick you up with a swing on this hammock. Make your outdoor swinging bed even cozier by throwing a down comforter on top. It will be more comfortable in the summer, and will be warm enough to extend hammock season into spring and fall.

Suspended Relaxation



Halfway between a hammock and a daybed, this suspended outdoor lounger is placed so the lucky occupant can either enjoy the view of the adjacent pond or take part in the action at the dinner table.

Traditional Outdoor Space by Suzanne Rheinstein

Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space

Hanging loungers are suspended on the sleeping porch of a Northern California home; the pillows and throws are by Dash and Albert.

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