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European Chic In American Garden

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Who would have thought that the European garden charm can be brought to the U.S. in its full splendor not losing a bit of its beauty? Julie и Ben Pruet impressed by their European trip have recreated the original European garden charm in the privacy of their property in Little Rock, Arkansas. The garden shares different approaches in decorating: there is definatelly English-inspired outlines, however, there are also details influenced by Tuscany decorating style.

European Chic In Little Rock Garden

Amazing Garden

Incredible Patio In Tuscan Style

After returning from their trip to Europe, Pruet couple has decided to fulfill their distant dream. When they finished the construction of the house, they have started to renovate the outdoors drawing inspiration from English landscapes and Tuscany patios they have seen during their long stay in Italy and England. The garden has classy English hedges along with beautiful fountain focal points in classy art forms. Another attraction of this American garden is a beautiful wooden pergola with a slightly arched roof. The pergola hosts a charming French-styled furniture for outdoor leisure activities.

Julie Pruent tells that the most precious memory she has of the European trip were the English gardens:

We liked the idea of the garden having a European flavor. We were members of the National Trust when we lived in England and had the opportunity to see many English-manor-style gardens through that experience.

The patio was the sole object that remained from the previous outdoor area. Taking patio as a starting point the couple managed to recreate the traditional English garden charm with a hint of relaxed Tuscany patio in decor. This is an excellent example when passion and inspiration can lead to creation of something truly exceptional and touching. Photoes via Athomearkansas.

Amazing European Garden In Arkansas

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