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Deck Layout Ideas

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Deck is an essential space if you have large outdoor area near the house that needs to be brought to order. Usually decks are laid out with timber slats and might have railings for support. It can be outlining the house area in the backyard or serve as a relaxing poolside zone. Whatever your reason for building a deck, you first need to make calculations with a simple deck layout, and we are going to help you with that.

Deck Layout Tips

Deck Around a Tree

Cedar Deck Surrounding Tree

Consider Outdoor Space

First thing to consider when planning a deck layout is to measure the outdoor space that would be your future deck. Decks can be in various shapes, but usually they are rectangular. It is also a good idea to make a layout plan on the paper, this will help you orient in the deck building project.

Deck Variations

Although the rectangular shape for a deck is quite popular there can be other types. The partially covered deck is usually built if the deck is located on the east or west of the house to avoid direct sun-light. There is a serpentine deck that is curvy and usually leading up to something, like a swimming pool. Then there is also a Cantilevered Deck that is used when the area for the deck is not flat and the deck needs support.

 Poolside Deck

Poolside Deck Disguising Above-Ground Pool

Deck Layout According To Needs

Before the deck is constructed it is essential to identify the reasons why you need it in the first place. There are various purposes for building a deck, as mentioned earlier, and knowing the reason will save you time and help you come up with layout ideas. You can even make a list of different features that you want to include in your deck, such as outdoor furniture, shade covering, mosquito covers and such. The deck can also be a place for cooking or relaxing so think about the details.

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