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Deck Illumination Choices

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Most of us are posed with a question of what kind of illumination to chose for adorning our decks. Don’t panic, we are going to cover it now!


Outdoor Illumination Options

So, you are thinking about installing some lighting to guide your way? Or you still need confirmation? Well, outdoor lighting, and deck lighting specifically is needed to make your space appear more elaborate, it can even significantly change the style of your deck! So, what illumination options do we have?


1. Fairy Lights
Despite the funny name, these are really practical, because they keep the deemed lights while adding charming atmosphere. One of the ways to use it on the deck is to wind them around the deck railings, or even plants potted in containers, or perhaps  over the deck in a tent-like fashion.


2. Tiki Torches
This certainly adds exotic feeling to the deck, and would probably
look even better if you would place them in the tropical context. However, tiki torches can come even in medieval shapes, so it can virtually take up any form. Tiki torches are fun, because they are live-flame torch that runs off propane, gas or oil.


3. In-Deck Lighting
Can also create a dreamy atmosphere, a non intrusive kind of lighting that is used to highlight the deck area. The in-deck lighting cannot be disturbed by walking.


4. Solar Deck Lighting
Not only it provides powerful source of illumination, it also is eco-friendly and doesn’t consume much  energy. These can be mounted just about anywhere, and there is no need for wiring!


5. Sconces
These can be mounted either on the railing, or on the walls. However, sconces are usually highilighiting something out of the dark, but you can make it serve your own purpose!

Deck Illumination Options

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