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Blue Deck Ideas

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The right bit of blue goes a long way toward decorating a deck. Whether to add color to a house or complement a colorful home, adding accents of blue to your decorated deck enhances its role as a place of enjoyment. Often a place to gather with friends and family, the deck is typically an extension of the house and should reflect the tastes and lifestyle of the occupants of the home.

Blue-colored deck ideas

Country style

For the homeowner who likes a country feel for a house, consider decorating a deck in country blue. A simple paint job is all that is necessary for a country-style appearance. Select a medium blue. Some commercial paint brands offer colors specifically for a country blue appearance. Use white paint to trim the entire deck and fill in the rest with the blue. Paint railing tops white and spindles blue to complement the decking. Place potted plants around the edges of the deck and along the house. A wreath of white wicker trimmed with blue ribbon hung on the exterior door leading to the deck tops off this idea.


For the lover of the sea, a nautical theme may be the best option for a blue deck. Mix several shades of blue to paint the deck boards. Fading from light to dark shades gives the feel of the tide ebbing and flowing across the deck. Make kick boards cut to look like waves to go around the edges and paint in deep blue with white peaks. A white-and-blue life preserver, a blue-striped oar and a length of fishing net with blue fishing bobbers intertwined finish the look when hung on the exterior wall alongside the deck.


With a bit of paint and old rags, a plain deck becomes a shabby chic or distressed outdoor room. Choose a light to medium shade of blue. Apply a coat with a roller or paint brush. Before it dries, rub a clean rag across it. This will create streaks and remove the smooth finish, leaving a distressed or faded appearance. Use this same process on wicker chairs or wooden rocking chairs, along with a table to complete the look. Accent with inexpensive braided rugs speckled with blue.

Tropical style

For a bright and tropical appearance, consider a blue Hawaii theme for a porch. Outdoor material is available in prints. Select a pattern of blue tropical flowers to cover a wide area of the deck, much like a carpet. Use white wicker lounge chairs or hang a blue hammock across the deck. Decorate with fake palm trees in big blue pots along the edge of the deck, against the exterior house wall or in each corner. A wreath made from shells wrapped with blue ribbon will complete the look.

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