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Amazing Chicago Rooftop Deck

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Gardens are meant to be seen, don’t you think? However, with urbanization less and less spaces are available for the horticultural experiments. Landscape architect Douglas Hoerr and his wife Tracy Taylor were not discouraged neither by urban settings of their house nor the limited space they had. They have designed a charming rooftop deck and garden just to enjoy the limited outdoors they had. Let’s explore their marvelous creation more closely.

Enclosed Rooftop Deck Garden In Chicago

Rooftop Garden

Multilevel Garden Of Hoerr Family

This beautiful deck garden is situated in Chicago’s sylvan Lincoln Park neighborhood. The couples’ 1891-built Victorian house clearly needed an external garden appeal, so they decided to adorn its side deck with a beautiful garden. As in any case, before the construction of this lovely design they were inspired by the enclosed decks and gardens they have seen during their trip to Savannah:

We loved browsing the antiques shops and photographing the private courtyards.

The garden is multileveled, as there is the first level that provides access to the garage, then there is a second floor deck with a beautiful latticework and a rooftop garage garden. The concept of this multileveled garden was rather practical, since we must agree that urban landscapes are not that pretty, so the couple wanted to create a secret garden hideaway:

The design is intended to be a theatrical, inward-looking series of spaces.

The centerpiece of the couple’s gardening is the 500-square-foot roof deck. It has structural elements such as a pergola and a Victorian-style latticework with charming vines that help to make the deck feel more enclosed. In order to connect all different levels of the urban garden, the couple had installed the latticed trellis throughout the whole area of the garden.

We wanted to design a space that offers privacy without boxing us in, blocking light, or looking inappropriate for our old home. Second, it had to be family-friendly and comfortably furnished. Third, we wanted maximum green space and places for vines to grow.

There were lots of practical decisions taken into consideration, when Doug was designing this garden. For example, the grill needed to be movable so that it won’t hurt the vines or other plants. Then, there are rubber mats on the stairs that provide safe route from kitchen to garage during winters. The garden is equipped with a drip irrigation system to support the plants during the frequent summer leaves of the family. Isn’t this multilevel deck a marvelous idea for an urban garden?

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