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Salt Water in Swimming Pools

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If you are lucky owner of the home swimming pool, you sure know with what difficulties sometimes the owner encounters. One of the issues is the water, that is contained in the swimming pools as the hot debate of salt water versus chlorinated water continues. Today, we are going to explore all of the benefits and drawbacks of using salt water in the pool.


Using Salt Water in Swimming Pools

As an experienced swimming pool owner, you know that the most popular option for swimming pools since the early years of the XX century was chlorinated water. However, the recent advances in medicine show that chlorinated water is quite dangerous for health, thus the alternatives have been proposed. Chlorination of water, though quite beneficial for the sanitation of the pool has major drawbacks, such as the specific chlorine itch to be most famous. Moreover, there is a chlorine gas that hovers around the place and can be potentially dangerous to health.


A popular alternative have been proposed recently, the saltwater. However, having saltwater in the pool doesn’t mean that there is no chorine, it is still there as salt water generates its own chlorine with special technology. Of course that technology would cost more than the chlorine swimming pool maintenance, however having saltwater also means less maintenance and longer service. Moreover, the exposure to chlorine in salt water pool is much less, as the machines kill chloramines faster than chlorine pools do, which is less harmful to your skin and eyes.


Don’t be fooled by the name, the salt water is composed of simple fresh water where some amount of salt is dissolved. There are numerous major pluses, which some find very attractive, however the salt swimming pools do require more finances for initial start. However, there are less financing for maintenance. To convert the traditional chlorine swimming pool you will have to spend up to $2000, or maybe even more, but the maintenance of the salt water would be less expensive by three time than chlorine pools. There is a major drawback in saltwater pools, which occurs when the pool is not regularly maintained. The saline system can produce dangerous bromoform, which is also irritating the eyes and skin, and may be potentially dangerous to the central nervous system. However, proper maintenance will eliminate this dangers.

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