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Ideas for Pond Decorating

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Your pond is your pride and joy. It is the focal point of your garden and your newest hobby has become breeding your koi and learning about aquatic plants. Why not take it one step further and landscape and decorate your pond?

Here are some ideas to make your pond stunning:

Surround your pond with bricks, river rocks, larger boulders and stones. This accomplishes two things: it adds an attractive border to your pond and also camouflages the pond liner. Considering purchasing a few, fancy and colorful stones to accent your pond. Check your local gardening supply store, home improvement center, specialty store or aquarium store for unusual, decorative stones and place them throughout the pond and around the pond’s perimeter.

Add a waterfall for an instant awe factor. If your pond is large enough, you can install a waterfall on one end that won’t disturb the plants on the other end. A waterfall can be much more than just a decorative feature. A waterfall aerates and ventilates the pond’s water, which keeps your koi, goldfish and plants healthy. Consider hiring a local landscape contractor or electrician to install your waterfall, especially if you don’t have an electrical source nearby for the waterfall’s pump.

Choose beautiful, aquatic plants, such as water lilies, water hyacinth and lotus to accent your other aquatic plants. These stunning flowers will add romance, drama and color to an otherwise green pond. Keep your koi fish well fed with other plants and vegetation so you can enjoy these plants without worry! Choose plants and shrubs that provide year-round color and interest, and choose smaller flowers, plants and shrubs that don’t grow too high. For added interest, lay a small stone or brick path to your pond. Consider landscaping along that, as well.

Use glass floats and glass ornaments to add interest and drama to your backyard water feature. Search for handmade glass floats of various shapes and designs and take notice of how they capture all of the sunlight bouncing off your pond.

Control the number of fish and plants in your pond. Fish quickly multiply and plants can grow out of control in just a few weeks. Keep the fish and aquatic plants to a minimum to showcase the ones you have to prevent overcrowding your pond.

Use small marbles and ceramic sculptures to adorn the edges of your pond. Hit the local garage sales and flea markets and search for a small treasure to accent your pond.

Pond lighting is a great way to showcase your pond and decorative accessories at night. Choose spotlights, submersible spotlights, egg-shaped lights or floating, colored, LED lights. Use lighting as a way to accent your pond landscaping, and light the way along your path. The result will be nothing less than spectacular.

Your pond can be a great expression of your personality and creativity. Feel free to think outside of the box – or pond, in this instance – in incorporating whimsical elements to make your pond truly an artistic statement and experience.

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