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Planters With Personalities: Face Pots Gardening Accessories

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Does your container garden seem too boring? Well, you have probably seen those creative – human face planters that appear here and there once in a while. How about giving the planters a personality with a help of these inspirational ideas of cute face pot planters?

Face Pots: Trendy Gardening Accessories

Face Pots

Punkrocker Face Pots Via Stoneface Creations

Well, container garden is not really something new any longer as more and more gardeners try it even in their limited outdoor or even indoor spaces. Yet, container gardens as implied by the name are meant to be growing in containers, so the pots play an important role in creating an attractive garden layout. One of the recent finds of the gardening accessories are the so-called face pots that give your container garden an undeniable personality.

There are several varieties of face pots or head-shaped planters, as some like to make terracotta planters with what appears like a face, while some like to go for more elaborated pieces and include all of the facial features: the eyes and eyelids, lips, nostrils. Some opt for funky versions that can be made with kids as a weekend project. The latter project is rather easy, as basically you just need to make the fake eyes out of buttons, a cork nose and little tiles for the teeth and attach everything with some glue. If this project seems rather hard, you can always allow your kids to paint the faces right on the pots.

As for the plants that are usually used for this kind of planters, there is a whole division of species that have this hair-like quality. Such plants can be some of the ornamental grasses, such as fiber optic grass, fountain grass, zebragrass, switchgrass; or it can be climbers and groundcovers, like thyme or brass buttons. You can experiment with the plant compositions for a better look, don’t be afraid to be creative.

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