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DIY Christmas Lanterns

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DIY Christmas lanterns are a simple way to decorate your yard for the upcoming holiday. Just dress up the existing lantern for Christmas with these easy tips!


Simple Lantern Decor for Christmas

So, making Christmas lanters for decorating your outdoor area is not really a big deal, because it is actually really simple! One of the ideas is to decorate the Paper Lanterns, because they are really cheap and can be easily decorate by using a sponge and some paint. You have probably guessed what you will have to do by now – you need to cut out different forms out of sponges, dab them into paint and apply the sponges to the paper lantern, when they are in full shape. Alternatively you can paint directly on the paper lantern, if you have the skill and patience.


Another idea is to dress up the existing glass lantern with beautiful christmas ornaments, or snowflakes paintings. You should keep in mind that the lanterns can be made from simple mason jars! To make the snowflake ornament you will need to make or buy a snowflake stencil (some use snowflake scrapbook paper), spray paint. So you need to dress up your lantern into the snowflake stencil, then spray paint the lantern (or jar), and simple Christmas decor for your yard is ready! Use your creativity and make your own decor for lantern this Christmas!

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